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Lisa’s Top Stress Busting Tips

  • Look after yourself through exercise and healthy eating. Exercise in your lunch break to refresh yourself or set the intention of exercising within an hour of arriving home.
  • Tackle the lure of alcohol, smoking or other drugs. Find a buddy who can support, socialise and motivate you without being a bad influence.
  • Lack of communication creates frustration. Make sure you speak about your priorities with your team leader, manager or boss.
  • Changing your physicality will change your emotional state. Create a space that gives you clarity, peace and enough room. If we allow external things to distract us, we do lose focus.
  • Set intentions such as "before the end of the day I will have done this". Make it realistic.
  • Set yourself goals – even hourly – and reward yourself with coffee or tea once a target has been reached.
  • Leave the desk, walk around the room or get some air. This helps to avoid getting in a state.
  • Treat colleagues with the respect and consideration you'd like from them. If you are feeling bullied or victimised, look into it.
  • Discuss problems with your manager and if difficulties can't be resolved, talk to your personnel department, trade union representative or other relevant members of staff.
  • When talking about your worries don't reinforce the negatives – it will only further drain you of energy. Focus on the positives.
  • Look into options you have. A day working at home once a month could be more productive.