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Firewalking for business - picture by Janet Jones (

Charity Fire Walks

Offering great opportunity for publicity and with a real ‘wow factor’, participants will not only raise money for your cause but also come away with life changing results for themselves!

Spending time and effort raising money for others is truly inspirational, add to that real benefit for the participants and you can’t loose.


I will take your group through the whole process, from bonding as a group to its truly uplifting and life affirming conclusion. The Inspirational firewalking event is designed to change beliefs in a matter of hours, it shows you how you can do way more than you previously considered with the finale of walking over hot coals - walking through fire.

Igniting your:

  • Vision and focus
  • Beliefs  
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Action
  • Success 

Get in touch about planning your charity fire walk and achieve more than you thought possible.