Arrow breaking

Find out more about the act of arrow breaking


The arrow break experience is incredibly powerful and gets lasting results. It’s an embodied experience.

Great team experience

How arrow breaking can help you

The arrow break is an ancient ritual from native America. 

Lisa delivers this session with such purpose so your participants  experience incredible breakthroughs in their minds,  hearts and spirit.

Alleviating them from blocks, limitations, resistance, and setbacks that have held them back from moving towards and into the experiences that truly matter to them in their life.

This whole process is delivered within a session that focuses the mind in a powerful way that achieving the goal feels inevitable, and the experience of breaking through those limitations defies logic.

The results are phenomenal teams work together, supporting each other witnessing each team members, vulnerability, courage, strength and purpose. 

Take it from me when witnessed is breathtaking and even brings a tear to the eye.

This experience is unforgettable and teams talk about this for years and years, and never forget what it took to step forward and breakthrough barriers that won’t hold them back in the paralysing way anymore.

Sales teams exceeded budgets.

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