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Be Unstoppable, we have Speakers, Powerful Activities and a Celebratory Finale Firewalk.
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Be Unstoppable, ignite your inner fire

was 4th June 2023 programme below

Even this length of time after the Covid Lockdowns you may still be feeling like your inner flame has been dampened, feeling like your world and comfort zone has shrunk, like you’ve lost your mojo, life is harder and yet you have to simply get on with it.

Are you ready to step into YOUR SELF MASTERY and get a boost of empowerment, motivation, inspiration and confidence? You will leave feeling Unstoppable and back in Your Power.

The full programme is on this page, so please have a look around and meet your team.

..I took part in what was probably the best event of my life so far…

Kate hutchinson

Kate Hutchinson

Our previous transformational event

The best thing I’ve ever done! Seriously, I highly recommend it

Catherine Flynn-Cartwright

Catherine Flynn-Cartwright

Lisa Clifford
Lisa Clifford logo

Lisa’s extraordinary ability to create motivation and purpose within a group is, quite literally, life changing.

Caroline Medcalf,

Caroline Medcalf

Events Director at NYS Corporate

Why join us?

Lisa Clifford

We really hope you’ll join us for this powerful empowerment event, where you will be inspired, moved, intrigued, supported and ultimately ready for anything.
Expect real relatable speakers sharing openly and honestly … no rags to riches stories, just honest real talk. There is no doubt our lives have been changed and we would love to support your growth, your breakthroughs, your alignment and your inspiration.

Lisa will be leading your empowerment experiences. You can participate in as much or as little as feels good for you. Our team are experts and always work from the heart. You are in great hands and your safety is always our priority. The evening concludes with a heart centred joyful firewalk … you can support or join in … you’re so welcome whatever you choose.
Let’s ignite our inner fires and make our lives even more amazing!

Why now?

Do you ever find yourself saying “next time or next year”.
Here’s why now is your time to gain your inner power back.

With 20 years in the hotel industry I’ve been in front of many trainers and none have have come close to being as life changing as you, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We all now get to benefit from having you change our world. 

sarah hind

Sarah Hind

Key Account Manager at Travelodge Hotels

Grab a ticket today!

There has never been a more important time in history for you to UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

Immerse yourself in this legendary event at the luxurious Hazlewood Castle Hotel & Spa.

Your programme

Empowerment, transformation and support from like minded people.

Heart Centred Speakers

 On Stage Guests

Expert Empowerment Instructors

Dynamic Empowerment Exercises

Personal Development

A Fabulous Sacred Celebratory Firewalk

Safe & Supportive Space

Non Judgemental and Total Acceptance

Breakthrough Fears & Limitations

Step into Courage

Grow Your Comfort Zone

Light buffet


Lisa’s Firewalking event is one of the most amazing events I have ever attended. Everyone should do it !

Janice Hall

Why you should try a firewalk

By doing something that seems impossible, fire-walking will teach you that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Open your mind to what’s possible

Reshape your beliefs

Smash your limitations

Move forward with confidence & purpose

“This was such an inspiring day, I wasn’t sure what to expect, however the quality of the speakers and the production on the day was wonderful. I am writing this a week later and can still feel the positivity & wonder of the day, which is propelling me forwards to a new future”

Learn how to be dynamically empowered

Harness the psychological secrets that will enhance your successes easier, faster and even enjoy the process too. Are you ready to unlock your true potential and achieve those currently out of reach dreams, now goals.

Arrow break
Glass walk

Breakthrough fears & limiting beliefs with The Arrow Break

Quieten the mind & align your focus with the meditative Glass Walk

Ignite your hopes & dreams on the Magical Sacred Firewalk

All activities have a powerful purpose.
You may take part in each activity with your own free will.  You are not obliged to take part and our team of experts will never pressure you to do so. You do what’s right for you when it feels right for you.

Your empowerment team

All Empowerment Facilitators are Firewalking & Empowerment certified.

Fiona Morgan
Fiona Morgan
Lisa Clifford
Lisa Clifford
Master Trainer
Helen Skinner
Helen Skinner
Darren Fagg
Marina Collins

Marina Collins

Marta Rodriguez
Marta Rodriguez

Your keynote speakers

Lisa Clifford
Anything’s Possible

Lisa will take you on a journey to help you align with what truly calls you.

Then she will help you breakthrough the internal barriers that have gotten in your way, step into your courage and dynamically leap into your goals.

Lisa has a total life passion for Your Incredible Human Potential and has created a life that allows her to commit to her purpose fully. She whole heartedly believes “Belief” is EVERYTHING and she not only talks, teaches it but demonstrates how this can truly shape your whole life which simply defies logic.  

Her warmth, wisdom and ability to create incredible transformation wouldn’t have been possible had she not had her own traumas to heal. 

All of Lisa’s speaking engagements & trainings are experiential because then you can be your own source of inspiration forever. For this reason she took a group to Everest Base Camp in 2022.

rachel peru

Rachel Peru
Body Confidence

Rachel is a Silver haired curve model, body confidence activist, influencer, and host of the Out of the Bubble podcast.
Rachel has fully embraced her curves and her naturally grey hair. In fact, she has become famous for her silver locks and is flying the flag for misunderstood and misrepresented women everywhere. 
She is passionate about showing other women, particularly those in midlife, that they are not invisible. 

After starting a new career in modelling aged 46, Rachel now champions women in midlife and inspires others to step out of their comfort zone to become more confident through sharing other women’s stories on her fortnightly Out of the Bubble podcast.
Rachel will be sharing some of her top tips on finding body confidence no matter what age you are, it’s never too late!

Powerful results

“..since my experience with you I have been able to grow my business to a whole new level…”
Deepa Sapra

Grab a ticket today!

There has never been a more important time in history for you to UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

Immerse yourself in this legendary event at the luxurious Hazlewood Castle Hotel & Spa.

Location details


Hazlewood Castle Hotel & Spa, Paradise Lane, Hazlewood, Near Leeds & York, Yorkshire, LS24 9NJ

Date & time

Sunday 4th June 2023
2pm – 8pm

Personal Insights

Theresa Brindley
Theresa Brindley
As seen on Coronation Street

Theresa, a wife, daughter, sister and mum of 3 fab grown ups. Loves adventures … Everest Base Camp in 2022, water sports and mountain walking with her son.
She used to be an actress appearing in a number of episodes in our own Coronation Street, she recently left being a teacher to setup a shop in Pocklington called I LOVE ZERO, which has won a few awards too.

An interview with Michelle Mook

Michelle grew up on a farm with her dad, her mum (step mum) and 2 sisters, very happy years. 

And fast forward Michelle by profession is the MD of an award winning employee engagement and development company with a fabulous team of 10. She really loves her career but she’s most proud of the fine young men her “boys” have matured into.

Michelle will share some of her inner challenges that in some ways have spurred her to be successful and in other ways sometimes may hold her back.

I am sure you will relate with Michelle.

Michelle Mook
Michelle Mook, MD of Pro-Development

Lisa’s event was beautiful. Her warmth and compassion shined through. The speakers were fantastic and expressed themselves so honestly. I left with a sense of deeper connection to myself…
Thank you Lisa from my heart, I am so pleased that we met. 

Marie Dove

“Fabulous event with amazing speakers, interesting topics, and shared love, joy, inspiration, empowerment and energy transferred in both directions. Lisa, thank you for organizing this event.”
Miriam Filipova

About Lisa Clifford

Lisa’s is passionate about delivering the empowerment and transformational training. TRULY REALLY!

Her credentials: She is a Certified Master Fire-walking & Empowerment Trainer, Master NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Behaviour Profile Trainer, High Performance Coach and Speaker.

She is a mad dog lady who loves her golden retriever Lexi, Mountain walking and newly discovered hobby abstract painting (as sort of seen in this photograph).

In the more public space, Lisa has appeared on ITV, Leeds TV, BBC Radio, she has also been in Mail on Sunday & Cosmopolitan…

Lisa is highly motivating, engaging and a bit edgy, gaining huge respect from every participant. When it’s all about mindset & radial performance change, Lisa is one of the best.

David Taylor

David Taylor

Chief Commercial Officer for IHG hotels

Publications Lisa has featured in…

Mail on Sunday
daily express
cosmopolitan magazine
the press yorkshire
Yorkshire Post
now magazine
Yorkshire Living magazine
Leeds TV
BBC Radio York
BBC Radio Leeds

If You Have Any Questions,
Feel Free to Call 07795 634 671

You can also get in touch for a chat using my online contact form.

Grab a ticket today!

There has never been a more important time in history for you to UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

Immerse yourself in this legendary event at the luxurious Hazlewood Castle Hotel & Spa.

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