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Firewalking 2024

When you walk on fire you have the most transformative experience in your heart forever. Your life and belief transformed in a moment.


Next event 3rd October 2024 5.45pm – 10.30/11pm ….. Hazlewood Castle. York/Leeds

The most transformational experience


Step into the transformative power of the fire-walk experience and unlock the depths of your incredible human potential. Join us for our upcoming fire-walking workshop an invitation to healing and empowerment.

The firewalk itself is optional, with no pressure to participate. Yet, the workshop is as profound as the act of walking on fire. It’s a journey of overcoming fears, shattering limiting beliefs, and aligning with your vision and goals.

Through this experience, you’ll cultivate unshakable belief in yourself, becoming unstoppable in pursuit of your dreams. Embrace the opportunity to tap into your inner strength and emerge empowered, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Book your spot now and embark on a path of healing, growth, and transformation. The fire awaits, and so does your limitless potential.

Attendees continually break through limiting thoughts that will never hold them back again… leading to the ultimate challenge of walking bare foot over red hot coals – an experience leaving people feeling they can accomplish anything their heart desires.

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Team Building

What fire-walking can show you


What’s holding you back?  Ask yourself the question, “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” When you’re ready, click the button below to start the process. You’re ONE step away from releasing your incredible human potential.


Transformational experience



  • Vision and focus
  • Purpose
  • Acceptance
  • Courage to dream and think BIG ENOUGH
  • Confidence
  • Self belief
  • Perspective
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Action
  • Relationships


  • Old patterns
  • Old unwanted story lines
  • Traumas
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Wounds
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Self doubt
  • Unhelpful thinking
  • Inner criticism

How does fire-walking work?


You are more than you dare to believe, so in this one evening you will enjoy an experience that proves to you how amazing you truly are.

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Your future self will thank you


Breakthrough old stuff that’s been holding you back from your potential.

This incredible experience leaves you asking;


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The Healing Power of Leading Firewalks

Deepa Sapra shares her own powerful life changing experience

How would you like to change lives?

Imagine becoming a Transformational Fire-walking Instructor

When you lead a fire-walk you have the most transformative training in the palm of your hands, which can change a humans life forever, in just a few hours!

We are honoured to offer the world’s best, longest running and most comprehensive Firewalk Instructor Certification Training available, now as a 6-day stand alone training, without pre-requisites, qualifying you as a SUNDOOR Firewalk Instructor.

A powerful and complete 6-day stand alone course. In this masterfully crafted training you will learn all the skills necessary to lead a firewalk and propel others toward realising their own potential through the life-enhancing experience of walking on fire. You will also learn to facilitate arrow-breaking, board breaking, glass walking and re-bar bending. 

This training is Sundoor certified, Sundoor is the original school for Fire-walking, led by Peggy Dylan, considered to be the mother of a Fire-walking.

About Lisa Clifford

Hi I am Lisa, and I am passionate about delivering the empowerment and transformational training.

I personally embarked on the Firewalking Training in 2008, with an idea in mind of what I wanted this training to give me, without a doubt, the most phenomenal healing and training that I needed. It boosted my confidence, my self-esteem, my belief in a way that shook my soul to its core. From that day I spoke with authenticity. I held peoples hearts in my hands and promised a commitment to humanity.

 In 2008 I qualified as a Sundoor Firewalking Instructor and Master Trainer in 2014. I honour the lineage of this incredible experiential training. 

My credentials: A Certified Master Fire-walking & Empowerment Trainer, Master NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Behaviour Profile Trainer. Transformational Coach and Speaker.

I am a mad dog lady who loves Lexi my golden retriever, I love mountain walking so much so I took 10 women to Everest Base Camp (last year, Oct 2022). Also, I have a newly discovered hobby in abstract painting (as sort of seen in this photograph).

In the more public space, Lisa has appeared on ITV, Leeds TV, BBC Radio, she has also been in Mail on Sunday & Cosmopolitan…

About Firewalking

Fire worship practiced as a rite of purification, healing, initiation and transcendence has been a thread in the cultural tapestry of our planet. Many tribal people had, or have, rituals and ceremonies to honor the sacred aspect of fire, honoring its gifts and acknowledging its power. Fire worship and firewalking has nourished and warmed the human spirit since the dawning of mankind, today firewalking has evolved into a powerful tool for self-realisation and empowerment.

The History of Firewalking

Many of the natural environments of our planet are dependent on the cleansing and purifying aspects of fire; wildfires clear the way for new growth, which many animal and plant species depend upon for survival. Just as the planet requires fire for renewal, so does the human spirit, as we are always intrinsically connected with this earth from which we grew. Our relationship to fire is as old as the human race. Recent evidence suggests that Australopithecus controlled fire nearly a million and half years ago.

The beginnings of firewalking are lost in the annals of history, but we do know that Africa, often considered the birthplace of humankind, has a long history of firewalking and fire dancing. The African-born Hindus walk on fire regularly as part of important religious festivals and !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari desert have firewalked since their tribal beginnings. The !Kung use fire in their powerful healing ceremonies.

In 1977, anthropologist Laurens van der Post published an account of his travels to Africa to study the !Kung and was astonished when witness to their healing fire dances. And, Richard Katz, a Harvard psychologist and anthropologist, reports that the !Kung use the fire to heat up their energy, which they call n/um: Dancers will go in the fire, walk in it, put their heads in it, pick up the coals and rub them over their hands and body… when the n/um (or energy) in the body is boiling and as hot as the fire, they will not be burned. As the n/um intensifies in the healers they experience an enhanced consciousness called !kia , during which they heal all those at the dance.

In Bali, the mystical South Sea island, it is not the men who dance on the fire, but young girls. In India, Tibet, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Argentina, to mention a few, people dance and walk, joyously, solemnly, exuberantly, or devotionally across fire. In the Hindu fire ceremony Agni Hotra, fire is used to purify the physical and spiritual atmosphere and in Peru the flame is used to spiritually uplift participants in the fire-ceremony.

The oldest recorded firewalk was over 4000 years ago in India. Two Brahmin priests were competing to see who could walk further, one managed to do so and his feat was written down in the historical records of that time.

In a 17th century letter a Jesuit priest, Father Le Jeune, writes to his superior, telling of a healing firewalk he witnessed among the North American Indians. He reports of a sick woman walking through two or three hundred fires with bare legs and feet, not only without burning, but all the while complaining about the lack of heat she was feeling.

Some 30 years later, Father Marquette reported similar firewalks among the Ottawa Indians and Jonathan Carver writes in his 1802 book Travels in North America that one of the most astounding sights he saw was the parade of warriors who would “walk naked through a fire… with apparent immunity”.

Other North American Indians who were known to have shamanic traditions which included fire handling were the Fox, Menomini, Kere, Blackfeet and particularly the Zuni, who had, and some claim still have, a “great fire fraternity”. The Kahunas, or native priests of the Hawaiian Islands, had powerful practices of lava waking. All around this little globe people rely on their spiritual kinship with this dynamic element to bring them closer to their true nature and, through touching the fire of their spirit, feel renewed and healed.

Next Steps

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Rebar Bend, Arrow Break & Firewalk

Powerful exercises to achieve incredible breakthroughs

Publications Lisa has featured in…

Mail on Sunday
daily express
cosmopolitan magazine
the press yorkshire
Yorkshire Post
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Yorkshire Living magazine
Leeds TV
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Good to know: Accommodation are beautiful shared bedrooms, meals are vegan. Deposits are non refundable or transferable.

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