Refunds & transfers

Last updated 28th March 2023


  • All courses, trainings, retreats and events require full payment to secure your place.
  • Tickets to one day events are non refundable but may be transferred to another name anytime or another onto course when at least 14 days notice is given and an alternative course is available.
  • We retain the right to cancel any course, training or event at anytime. If you paid a deposit or a course fee, this will be returned to you, but we are not liable for any other expenses or losses you may occur as a result of a cancellation.You will be required sign a Personal Disclaimer at all empowerment courses, trainings and events. Signing the disclaimer does force you to take part in any of the activities. Refusal to sign the disclaimer will not allow you entrance to the courses, trainings and events.
  • You are at all times responsible for your own conduct and processes on courses, trainings and events. You undertake all courses, trainings, retreats and events at your own risk.
  • You should note that we will not allow you to attend courses, trainings and events under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, for your own safety. Nor do we allow participants to drink alcohol or take recreational drugs whilst on our courses, trainings and events. You should also make sure you are not suffering from any alcohol related symptoms during that time. It is also inadvisable to drink alcohol or take recreational drugs immediately following courses, trainings and events.
  • Please note that the courses, trainings and events are not treatments and any empowerment processes during the class are part of the learning process. You undertake these exercises at your own risk 
  • Venues and Locations: We reserve the right to change the venue and location of  courses, trainings and events. Should a change of venue / location take place participants are still responsible for the travel and any other associated costs with regard to the new venue / location.You are responsible for notifying the Organiser of any special considerations you may need.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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