Steel rebar bending

Find out more about the act of bending a steel rebar

I’m an expert on FOCUS.

How bending a steel bar can help you

Rebar is used in construction sites to strengthen concrete yet when Lisa uses it in her team building exercises as part of The Success Mindset program it proves a discipline of mind that is really brought to our focus and attention. And yet this discipline of mind and focus is essential to outstanding results for any individual in business .

The reinforcement bar is 10 mm diameter, thicker than other bars that other instructors use, because Lisa knows how powerful our mind can be, and what we are capable of when we fully bring it into conscious awareness. 

This exercise demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt when you align a goal, purpose, focus and intention, anything is truly possible.

This exercise delivered without purpose without intention is meaningless to any team.

Which is why Lisa harnesses your team with purpose, gaining buy in from every participant so that they can see just how remarkable they truly are.

This experience blows peoples minds and is truly unforgettable.

The mind remembers the process it took to bend the bar and therefore duplicates it in working scenarios and situations. It can be recalled as a model of thinking for exceptional results.

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